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civil war

Civil War Photos   266 Pages
Original Photographs
During the Civil War of the United State

Reg $11.99   $3.00

dyer Dyer’s Guide   122 Pages  1830
On the different branches of dyeing— On the stuff used in dyeing—On vegetable and animal substances—On substantive and adjective colors, and mordants—And on the leading facts of chemical science as connected with the art of dyeing
Reg 7.99   $2.00

equestrian Equestrian Manual  39 Pages  1859
Graceful riding.a pocket manual for equestrians
Reg 7.99   $2.00

keep fit Keeping Fit 134 pages  1919
Make people physically fit for whatever
strain may come.
It will result in not only making them physically fit, but mentally fit also
Reg 8.99   $2.00

fly fish Fly Fishing   37 pages  1888
Catching trout with an artificial fly is the highest branch of the piscatorial art
Reg 6.99   $2.00

furniture The Old Furniture Book   1903
With a sketch of old ways and methods.
With one hundred and twelve illustrations
Over 300 pages
Reg 9.99   $2.00

games Traditional Games from England, Scotland and Ireland 575 pages  1898
with tunes, singing-rhymes, and methods of playing according to the variants extant and recorded in different parts of the countries
Reg 11.99   $2.00

cows Milch Cows  347 Pages    1859
This work is designed to embody the most recent information on the subject of dairy farming. The aim is to make a practically useful book
Reg 8.99   $2.00

farm FARM ENGINES 181 Pages  1903
The young engineer’s guidea simple, practical hand book, for experts as well as for amateurs
Reg 7.99   $2.00

Irish life Humours of Irish Life  575 Pages  1898
Great short stories from the top irish Authors
Reg 9.99   $2.00

money How To Make money 109 pages 1900
We mention 100 ways by which you may be able to
make a living by the pen.
In short, the 1,000 ways of money-making in this book are 1,000 nails to hang your fortune on
Reg $7.99   $2.00