Classic Vintage “How To” eBooks (15)




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How to make and read your own horoscope
64 pages

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boat building Boat Building  288 pages   1931
Starts with primitive craft and leads to scows, house-boats, skiffs, canoes and simple forms of sailing craft, and a motor-boat
Reg $8.99 $2.00

boys work A Boy’s Workshop  124 pages  1884

It will bring to thousands of lads just such information in regard to the first steps in the mechanic arts as they most need, and will enable them, with little other direction,

Reg $7.99 $2.00

butter making Butter Making  30 pages  1888
Making butter the old fashioned way from milking cows to final product
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candy making The Art of Candy Making 100 pages
We strive not only to give you a larger variety of the finest candies that can be made, but to make each recipe, so thorough and simple that anyone with a little study before making them, can make every piece in this book with little or no trouble at all.
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golf The Happy Golfer  219 pages    1914
Reg $8.99 $2.00

home arts Home Arts  93 pages  1873
Everything in the home, from Chritmas trees to parlor games, plus gardening, knitting, embroidery, needlework and more obscure pastimes
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needlework Needlework Economies  117 pages
The woman who can utilize oddments and make things with her own hands is the woman who will be making money, as she will be supplying one of the most expensive items of modern times—personal labour. The hints in this book are intended as suggestions, which can be developed in many new directions.
Reg $6.99 $2.00

stair construction PRACTICAL    106 page 1894
In compiling this work the author has kept steadily in view the absolute necessity of treating most fully the elementary parts. Therefore, if to some the details should appear tedious, he begs to say they have been written to assist those who, being unable to obtain a correct knowledge of the methods adopted, seldom advance beyond a certain and very unsatisfactory stage.
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rug making How To Make Rugs  37 pages  1908
Of all hand processes, weaving is the most generally or widely applicable, and the range of beautiful production possible to the simplest weaving is almost beyond calculation.
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making money How To Make money 109 pages 1900
We mention 100 ways by which you may be able to 
make a living by the pen.
In short, the 1,000 ways of money-making in this book are 1,000 nails to hang your fortune on
Reg $7.99 $2.00

rowing The Art of Rowing  173 page  From 1898
My object in the following pages will be not merely to give such hints to the novice as may enable him, so far as book-learning can effect the purpose, to master the rudiments of oarsmanship
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sports Practical Sports Training 103 pages 1877
for running, walking, rowing, wrestling, boxing, jumping, and all kinds of athletic feats
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horse Horse Breaking 122 pages 1889
a reasoned out system of horse-breaking, which I have found, by practical experience, to be easy of execution,
rapid in its effects, and requiring the possession of no exceptional strength, activity, pluck, or horsemanship
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training Daily Training 86 pages 1903
we shall suggest such daily exercises as can be taken in a minimum of time in the minimum of space, which have for their object not the acquisition of huge muscles, but the acquisition of healthy nerves and muscles
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