Benefits of Regular Reading

15th February 2019
Knowledge is Power.

Apart from your formal education, at any level, regular reading of books, of all kinds, keeps the brain stimulated and increases your knowledge.
It helps you focus and may improve your station in life through a better job or promotion.

In today’s “cyber world” reading need not be confined to hard/soft copies.
E-books and audio books also contribute to an ever increasing store of knowledge there for the taking, often at little or no cost.

Everything you read is stored in your brain, the more knowledge you acquire the better you are able to tackle the challenges of life and work.

Reading improves your vocabulary, grammar and spelling.
This in turn makes you more confident and articulate.

Being well spoken, having the ability to construct sentences, written or oral, without too many “you knows” will certainly help in your chosen profession.

Lastly, regular reading in a quiet room with no electronic interference can reduce stress, stimulates the brain and improves your writing skills.

Writing skills are deteriorating world wide, especially with young people using electronic “Text Speak”.
HR managers bemoan the fact that graduating students cannot construct a sentence because of the abbreviations they use daily in “Text Speak”
Start a regular reading routine today!!